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A few words about us

When a client enrolls in the addiction recovery treatment program we offer here at Wilson Creek Wellness, they’ll be gaining access to the indispensable tools they need to achieve the goals that they have ascertained for their recovery from substance abuse.
Our Mission

Every client who walks through the doors of our drug rehab center gains access to the specialized treatment that will afford them the greatest likelihood of success in their journey to recovery.

Our Vision

However, because the nature of addiction is such that every client will have different needs which must be met in order to successfully reach recovery, we provide each person who enrolls in our recovery program with a customized plan for treatment.


Don´t wait any longer for getting well.

Since we want to offer every client who sets foot in our substance abuse treatment clinic with a personalized plan for recovery treatment, anyone who enrolls in our recovery program will start by sitting down with a member of the Wilson Creek Wellness intake staff.

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